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My cover design process

Hi everyone,

So this is my first official blog post and I decided to share how my design process works.

This will be more focus on the cover design process, although I tend to have a similar approach to all my design services.

My process is divided in 4 main stages:

  • Research

  • Concept Mockups

  • Development

  • Final Design.

Let me take you through each one, using this wonderfull book The God Players, by Phil Valentine.


First thing I do is try to understand the author, the book, and what the author invisions for the book. I start by discuss with the author, or publisher, what their needs are, what are there goals and what budget and services is best for the book.

Once we agreed on those terms I send a cover art form to be completed.

I use this form as a way to understand the book without having to read it entirely. By asking the right questions I can access to the general ideas of the book and focus on key elements and concepts that will best represent your book.

I will study your audience and your "competitors". What design trend the genre is following? How similar books are doing? Reference and inspirational photos, etc.


This is were the creative process flows the most. It's when I put images to serve ideas.

Based on the info I gather before, I develop several drafts and mockups untils I reach a satisfatory collection of candidates.

I always present at least 3 different mockup proposals, so you can have some variety and make an informed decision.

The number of proposals can be higher depending on the design pack or agreed terms.


After choosing the mockup we have a foundation to work with, but there will probably be a lot of things needing improvement or revisions.

Color, elements, layout design, all can be adjusted to reach perfection.


I will prepare your files for publishing.

Paperbooks will be adjusted to the template according to POD specifications.

Ebooks will follow the current amazon specifications.

I will also provide you with title design and 3D book for pormotional use.

So this is what you can expect of me ins terms of design.

If you have any question or want to request a quote just contact me.

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